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  Hidden Cameras

  Hidden Cameras

Video cameras come also equipped with undetectable hidden cameras which allow 90 degree angle viewing. These are the perfect equipment to detect any objectionable activity that is a threat to the safety and security of the place of work to be checked. The cameras offer crisp resolution and sharp picture and the recorded footage could come in handy even to prove a person guilty in a court of law.

The best part of these hidden cameras and how they function is that they work in all kinds of light conditions to deliver a sharp picture. The electronic sensor fixed in a hidden video camera adjusts automatically the aperture for any change of light. Also known as spy cams, the hidden cameras are an ideal security alternative.

Some latest technologies and hidden cameras:

Corprit Wireless Hidden Spy Camera

MC259 is our new hidden IP camera which has a delicate appearance and dress up as a clock, make people will never notice it. It work over wifi, you’ll be able to see what’s happening in real time on your iOS/Android device.




Spy Camera,AOBO 640P Wireless WiFi Hidden Camera Portable Mini Home Covert Security Camera

AOBO Hidden 720p Camera features a high definition 1280x720P video resolution. This hidden camera is the world’s smallest HD camera which makes it the perfect camera and video recording or forensic tool for anyone. With its portable and hidden nature can record what happens at every moment. The camera functions well as a Smartphone baby monitor, pet or elderly parent monitor or as part of a complete home/office security system with remote internet monitoring capability.

Jumbl Mini Hidden Spy Camera Radio Clock with Motion Detection and Infrared Night Vision

As far as everyone else is concerned, this Jumble device appears to be nothing other than a simple portable radio clock. Now that’s what you want them to think, as its hidden spy camera is meant to see and not be seen. It can operate on its rechargeable battery or be plugged into a wall outlet for uninterrupted operation, and continuously records video to a microSD card up to 32GB (Not Included). All recordings are time stamped, and camera is also capable of taking still images.

Littleadd Hidden Camera Detector 1080P HD Spy Camera

A mini camera is hidden in; features continuous video recording, motion detection video recording, Web cam and taking photos; suitable for security and surveillance, nanny cam and spy camera.  Convenient to use with remote control from 15 meters away; simply sync video recording time with PC to display accurate time in the video.


Infrared Night Vision Mini Hidden Spy Camera Full HD 1080P

This mini spy camera is a very tiny spy camera, you can put it on your pocket to video because it is wearable. So it is very suitable for you when you sport wandering to record this moment. Also you can use it as home security video, as driving recorder in your car to monitor. Even you can use it as PC camera in your computer, there is no need to install driver.

KAMRE HD 1080P WIFI Wall Clock Hidden Spy Camera

As a regular clock, so no one can suspect it. A best monitor in the daytime as the wall clock camera has not night vision function. You can also choose our smaller alarm clock product (B074594MK3) with Night Vision.

Owning your own home comes with inherent risks, including burglary and vandalism. There are a lot of ways to protect your property, and it can be a complicated proposition to figure out what’s best for you. But three out of four homes in the U.S. will be broken into over the course of the next 20 years, so it’s more important than ever to take action in order to protect the the people and things that matter to you.

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