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Survival Kits

Survival Kits

As a gun owner, two big concerns having the guns stolen and having a gun someone accidentally. As every gun owner should know, lethal force carries with it responsibility. We want to keep our guns protected from theft. But we also want them to be ready fast — when we need them.

We need our guns to be kept safely, but ready at a moment’s notice. If we can’t get to them when we need them, then they’re nothing more than a beautiful paperweight.

A look at some of the survival kits options:

HSYTEK Survival Gear Kit 11 in 1

Temperature Compass let you more know the around environment and do a quick response to enhance your survival probability in an emergency. Saber Card Knife has the most function of the saber card and can use as a knife. With a protective case, can hide the sharp part for safety. The saber card knife can be partly fixed into the case as the handle of the knife.  Flashlight with 3 modes, the SOS mode can send an SOS light message auto. The lighting range can be adjusted.

4 Person Survival Kit Deluxe

All items are packed securely by Survival Prep Warehouse in a deluxe duffel bag. The kit includes the following: 48 Pouches of Datrex Water twice the amount of water as leading suppliers and each pouch has a 5 year shelf-life 48 200 Calorie Food Bars 5 year shelf life 40 Water Purification Tablets: each tablet purifies 1 liter of water 1 Hand Crank AM/FM/ Band Radio never needs batteries. 2 Hand Squeeze Rechargeable Flashlight 1 5 in 1 Survival Whistle compass, signal mirror, flint starter, waterproof container,lanyard and shrill whistle 1 Box 50 Water Proof Matches 1 Fire Starter Provides sufficient shavings to start hundreds of fires 4 Mylar Sleeping Bags Recommended over common “space blankets” 4 Emergency Poncho with Hood 2 2 Person Tube Tent with Rope 1 16 Function Knife 1 Pair Leather Palm Gloves 1 50 Foot Rope 4 Personal Hygiene Kits includes Soap, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, 9 Handy Wipes 4 N95 Masks 8 Tissue Packs all purpose 1 Large First Aid Kit contains the essentials needed for any type of fist aid emergency 1 On Duty/Gas Shut Off Wrench Designed by a fire fighter. Use to shut off gas and water. Pry open doors and windows. Will not spark if struck against metal. Safe to use.

Survival Gear Kits 13 in 1

Everyone can get into an unexpected emergency situation. either in the forest or trapped in your vehicle or like camping, hiking, fishing. The[TRSCIND]13 in 1 survival tools will be a necessary tools for emergencies and wild adventure. Light weight will not add much heavy on ur journey, When you are in the wild, Multi-functional tools suitable for different needs.



4 Person Premium Family Emergency Survival Bag With 72 Hours of Disaster Preparedness Supplies

The first 72 hours after an emergency are often the most critical. Municipal officials and disaster relief workers are doing their best, but it’s impossible for them to reach everyone affected by the crisis immediately. Downed trees and inaccessible roadways can make power restoration time-consuming, and local aid resources may be inoperable or overwhelmed with the amount of people seeking assistance. The portable stove makes heating food and water possible during emergency situations without the need for an external heat source. A hot meal can go a long way toward providing comfort and a sense of normalcy for your family in times of severe stress, and 24 Mountain House Food Servings of rice and chicken, macaroni and cheese, chicken noodle casserole (enough to sustain 4 adults for 72 hours), as well as 4 bowls and utensils, are included for use after you’ve exhausted the existing groceries in your home.

Emergency Survival Mylar Thermal 2 Person Sleeping Bag

Emergency 2 Person Sleeping Bag by Grizzly Gear is made of the same Mylar material as our emergency blanket but is formed into a sleeping bag to prevent heat loss even more efficiently.This compact sleeping bag provides warmth (retains and reflects up to 90 of body heat), a waterproof and windproof shelter barrier, and a covering to help reduce shock when someone is injured. Grizzly Gear Emergency Thermal Sleeping Bag to be used as emergency shelter. Also great for camping, hiking, and surviving the cold outdoors. Excellent as liner of sleeping bag.

The first step in building your own survival kit is to prepare a list of items you need to acquire by laying out all of the items you currently have and plan to take with you. It’s necessary to plan for expected scenarios before you leave to help get a general idea of the types of supplies you will need to pack and time frame the supplies will last, compared to how long you might think you’ll have to endure a tough situation.

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